Table of Contents

Foreword by N R Narayana Murthy


Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?
Is entrepreneurship worth it?
Is entrepreneurship an art or a science?


Establishing and communicating a compelling vision
Three elements of building a winning startup culture
How do you delegate effectively?
How do you handle difficult conversations in your startup?
How does an entrepreneur bounce back from failure?
How to avoid making bad decisions and mistakes in your startup?


How do you establish a unique competitive advantage for your startup?
How to stay ahead of your competition?
Three key characteristics of entrepreneurs that can build companies that scale
How should entrepreneurs approach the valuation question?
How do you select the right board members for your startup?
When should an entrepreneur exit from a venture?


Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem
The one mistake entrepreneurs should avoid
How to keep your focus against all odds?
How to make the most of mentors in a startup?
On maintaining work and life balance


What are two big challenges for a social impact project?
What is the best way to start thinking about social impact?
How do you measure real progress in a social enterprise?
Why capacity building is important in the social impact sector?


How can successful professionals take part in social enterprises?
How do you attract top talent for your social enterprise?
On engaging the general public to support your cause

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